Flower Power 2024 Yarn Advent Calendar



Limit 1 per order, must ship individually. Please do not order anything else with your advent, kindly place a separate order.

What will it look like?

This years 'Flower Power' inspiration is inspired by retro aesthetics, bold floral motifs and mid century style.

The final colours a surprise for you to open. The daily advent will flow harmoniously through the colours captured in the moodboards, whilst the weekly advents will feature variegated dyeing styles, blending multiple colours together.

What's included?

  • 24 x 20g mini skeins (classic daily advent)
  • 5 x 50g or 100g skeins (weekly advent)
  • A set of handmade wooden stitch markers
  • A hand poured wax candle
  • Edible goodies and sweet treats

What is a mini skein?

Essentially a mini ball of wool, presented in a twisted hank, loved by knitters and crocheters alike, for their variety of uses in crafting projects. 

How much yarn do I get?

For the classic daily advent you get 24 x 20g mini skeins. The yardage varies depending on which yarn base you select.

Baseper minitotal
BFL Sock85m/92yds2040m/2230yds
BFL DK45m/49yds1032m/1128yds
Alpaca Silk80m/87yds1920m/2100yds

When will I get it?

This is a pre-order, advents take a while to dye and pack! They will ship by the end of October. All parcels are shipped with full tracking and you will receive updates along the way. UK shipping is free.

What can I make with them?

Anything you like! No different to full size skeins, just in smaller amounts, and more colour changes to work with. People love to make shawls, sweaters, even a dress with a previous year! The beauty of an advent is the colours are curated for you, you can start your project on day 1 and add each new colour as you go, or simply enjoy opening them and plan your project once you've seen more of it.

If you'd like to see some pattern inspiration we have a blog post with project ideas for mini skeins.