Our BFL Sock, Big BFL and BFL DK bases are superwash yarns, so they can technically be machine washed without worrying about them felting. However we would STRONGLY recommend hand washing your knits to ensure both the fibre and the colour look their best for longer. Hand dyed yarn is a luxury and with the amount of time and love put into every hand knit, we think it’s worth the little extra effort to care for them properly.

All of our alpaca containing bases are non-superwash and should be considered handwash only.

Most knitted items don’t need to be washed after everywhere, as wool is quite efficient at naturally getting rid of odours. We recommend soaking them in a sink or tub with tepidly warm water, and a squirt of your favourite wool wash – this isn’t neccessary to have a fancy one, washing up liquid (such as Fairy or Dawn) will also work just as well as a gentle detergent, it might just not give you as nice a scent.

We personally give sweaters a wash on an as needed basis, or before putting them into seasonal storage. We’ll also admit that we do machine wash our knitted socks, as these require more frequent cleaning.